Krystal Jung Admits She Knows Just How Much Power She Holds Over Female Fans

The original queen of duality.

Krystal Jung recently sat down for an interview with Netflix Korea to promote her new movie, Sweet and Sour. When it was brought up that she was the creator of female stans, she admitted to the fact coolly.

Although she is certain that she has always had more female fans than male fans since her debut days Krystal revealed that she actually does not know the reason for it.

As the interview drew to an end, the staff in charge of her interview seemed to have come up with a revelation! The staff had identified the reason for Krystal’s popularity with female fans, claiming, “because you’re so easygoing, you have more female fans.

Krystal ended off by asking her female fans to continue to love and support her.

We definitely can see why! Not only is she adorable and funny without trying, but her easygoing, slightly clumsy nature also contrasts heavily with her professionalism and chic image on stage. The original queen of duality, everyone! Check out her interview below.