Krystal Shares The Hilarious Story Behind How She And Her Mom Bonded Over Cereal

Krystal shares the cutest relationship with her mom!

Krystal revealed that her mom and her have some quality bonding time…over cereal!

Krystal shot a pictorial with Marie Claire Korea as their muse for the magazine’s April issue, and also sta down for a subsequent “My 10 Favorites” interview for their Youtube channel!

When asked about her favorite midnight snack, Krystal revealed that it was cereal; specifically “Cinnamon Toast Crunch”!

My favorite late-night snack menu is cereal!


She then shared a story behind her favortie snack, and revealed that rather than eat it for breakfast, she prefers to eat it at night as a snack!

When I went to the US, I always stopped by the cereal section of a grocery store and bought 4-5 boxes of this to take home. But from some point, I found out that I can order this online!

I don’t eat this for breakfast. I usually eat a bowl of cereal for midnight snack in secret.


Krystal then hilariously revealed that while she’s eating her secret midnight snack, her mom often finds her when she’s eating it, and joins in!

When I’m eating, my mother suddenly comes and eats with me!


Krystal is such a cutie!

Watch Krystal talk about her favorite midnight snack here!