Krystal Jung Absolutely Smashes It With Her Sexy Yet Cool Girl Vibes For A Photoshoot

Check out her growth over the years.

Krystal Jung has always been known as the effortlessly cool one of the group. Sexy, cute, adorable, funny, sweet, she’s the golden girl! She first stepped onto the scene with “LaChaTa” as part of f(x).

| SM Entertainment

With each comeback, she made a name for herself. She was able to pull off each and every concept perfectly. One of her most famous concepts alongside f(x) was for Pink Tape. The dreamy and youthful vibes with a hint of danger made it one of the most famous K-Pop concepts in terms of artistry.

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As the years grew by, Krystal developed her own unique aura. This made her a fast favorite amongst many photographers and magazines.

When she turned into an adult, many sought her out for her uniquely charismatic allure.

This time, for two years in a row, W Magazine has chosen her to be a part of their Love Your W campaign. Krystal will be on the front cover of their December issue. She rocks a suit and pageboy cap like no other, that’s for sure.

Krystal rocked a striped halter dress with sequins making up the stripes. The mermaid cut and fringed hem added to the high fashion appeal.

A beaded dress with an illusion fabric rounded out the set.

She looks absolutely stunning! For more of her beauty, you’d have to buy the magazine yourself unfortunately.