Kwanghee Is Furious That ZE:A’s “Aftermath” Went Viral 8 Years After Its Release

Kwanghee is hurt.

Following the viral rampage of Rain‘s 2017 song, “Gang”, ZE:A‘s 2012 song, “Aftermath” is now the viral song of the summer, and Kwanghee expressed what he truly thinks about the sudden attention.

8 years after the release of ZE:A’s “Aftermath”, the song is now taking over the internet with fans obsessing over it and listening to it at least once a day just as fans did with Rain’s “Gang.”

But Kwanghee is honestly confused.

Many people are going crazy over it. I think people are weird.

– Kwanghee

He also expressed his anger at those asking ZE:A to have a reunion.

They didn’t even look at us when we asked them to! Now they’re telling the 9 of us to get back together for group activities!

– Kwanghee

Kwanghee added,

How do they expect all 9 of us to get together?

– Kwanghee

But there’s a reason why he doesn’t have a favorable view on the group’s recent popularity.

If we do get together, they only like it for a week or two and then forget about us. We felt really hurt when that happened.

– Kwanghee

Check out the viral song below:

Source: Dispatch