Kwanghee Explains Why He’s Extra Harsh To Less Popular Members Of Idol Groups On “Weekly Idol”

Kwanghee is apparently the Yoo Jae Suk among idols.

Kwanghee recently appeared on MBC‘s Radio Star where he lit up the show with his witty remarks and hilarious stories.

But in particular, the hosts of the show, Kim Gook Jin and Kim Goo Ra praised Kwanghee for his significant role in the idol world.

Among idols, Kwang Hee is like Yoo Jae Suk. Many of his ‘hoobaes’ look up to him as a role model.

– Hosts

And Kwanghee shared that he got a lot closer to younger idols through the variety program, Weekly Idol.

I’m on ‘Weekly Idol’ right now. I’ve done many variety programs, and since I used to be an idol, I give them lots of advice.

– Kwanghee

MBC “Weekly Idol”


But he described one instance that makes him feel upset.

When I see members just clapping along because all the interview questions go to the most popular member of the group, I feel bad for them.

– Kwanghee


So Kwanghee gives the less popular members a harsh scolding.

Once the cameras are off, I tell them, ‘Idol groups don’t go on forever. Are you just going to clap along until it’s over? Look for any opportunity to make a remark. That member is that member, and you are you.’

– Kwanghee

Regarding Kwanghee’s role with his ‘hoobae’ idols, Ji Seok Jin suggested he was more like Kim Goo Ra than Yoo Jae Suk.


But whatever the case, netizens are praising Kwanghee for looking out for the less popular members of idol groups.

  • It’s not easy to meet someone like that.
  • Kwanghee is such a great “sunbae.”
  • There’s a reason why he’s so successful.



Source: Insight