Kyungri Confesses That She Is A TWICE Sana Stan

Artists always like to support one another but Nine MusesKyungri has consistently proven that she’s a not just being supportive but an actual Sana stan!

In a recent interview with Nine Muses, Kyungri said that a girl group member that she wants to get closer with is Sana from TWICE!

This isn’t the only time that Kyungri has shown her affection! A PD at KBS once tweeted saying that Sana doesnt have any female fans and Kyungri quickly replied.

“Sana only has male stans right?”

— KBS PD Ko Guk Jin

“Nope I am a Sana stan.”

— Nine Muses’ Kyungri 

With Sana being so adorable, who can blame Kyungri? Fans of both groups are ecstatic, and cannot wait for the interactions to begin!