LABOUM Apologized For “Not Being Good Enough” And Fans Are Coming Together To Support The Members

“Why would LABOUM think such a thing?”

In an interview, LABOUM members discussed one of their songs called “Journey to Atlantis” and apologized for it being sung by them. Since this interview, LABOUM fans are gathering to shine more light on the bop and encourage the girls with more love and support.

LABOUM used to be a six-membered group, but is now down a member since Yulhee’s departure from the industry.


LABOUM introduced “Journey to Atlantis” as their masterpiece. They were extremely proud of how the song has such quality to it. The members believed the song has always had an amazing potential of being more widely popular and beloved…


… had it been sung by a “more popular, bigger girl group” and not them. They commented, “We think the song came to the wrong group. We feel sorry that the song got stuck with us. We feel like it could have definitely won #1 with another group.”


LABOUM also pointed out that the members aren’t too comfortable with the “pretty concept” and so they weren’t able to fully express what the song had to offer. LABOUM felt they weren’t good enough for the song; They thought the color of the song clashed with the group’s overall girl-crush vibe and that led to the song’s underperformance.


Once the fans heard about how LABOUM feels, they are baffled by the members’ humility. LABOUM fans are getting busy, voicing on social media platforms that “Journey to Atlantis” is in fact a huge bop – and that it was only as good as it is because LABOUM sang it.

What do you mean. I love this song. This is how I first heard about LABOUM.

— Netizen

This song is f*cking great BECAUSE LABOUM sang it.

— Netizen

Why would LABOUM think such a thing? It’s so completely THEIR song.

— Netizen


LABOUM fans are also claiming that not all songs perform well just because they end up going to the “popular groups”. They agree that “Journey to Atlantis” was extremely underrated and didn’t do as well as it could have – but they’re stating that it is not LABOUM’s fault as a group. Fans are now actively re-promoting this perfect summer song, in hopes of bringing it back to light and getting it the attention it deserves!

Listen to the song here:

Source: THEQOO