LABOUM’s Yulhee Gains Sympathy for Her Humble Bucket List as a Young Mother of 3

She’ll soon be a mother of 3 at just 22 years old.

On a recent episode of KBS’s Mr. House Husband, F.T. Island‘s Choi Minhwan made an attempt to help LABOUM‘s Yulhee cross one thing off of her bucket list.

On this day, Choi Minhwan, Yulhee, and their son Jae Yul went out for a family outing.

Their destination was a self-photo studio, and as they took family photos together, Yulhee expressed that her dream came true.

But while the family walked the streets and Yulhee got excited at the thought of going out for dessert, she suddenly got pregnancy stomach cramps, ultimately leading them back home.

Since they missed out on dessert, Choi Minhwan served Yulhee homemade desserts instead.

When Choi Minhwan saw how touched Yulhee was, he asked her if there was anything else on her bucket list, to which she gave a very humble answer.

Since I can’t go out very often because of this pregnancy, I just want to dress up one day and go out. I want to go to Garosu-gil with my friends and eat something delicious. I also want to go back to that photo studio.

– Yulhee

In response, Choi Minhwan promised her to watch all 3 of her kids that day and that it’s more than feasible as long as it’s on a weekend.

Fans are both admiring and feeling sympathy for Yulhee’s humble bucket list because she got married and had children at a young age.

At the young age of 22 years old, Yulhee and Choi Minhwan are expecting twins following their son, which means she will soon be a mother of 3.

Here’s hoping Yulhee gets to cross everything off of her bucket list in 2020!


She deserves it.