LABOUM’s Yulhee Vents About How Difficult Her Second Pregnancy Was on Her Body

She was pregnant with twins this time.

LABOUM‘s Yulhee, who is also the wife of F.T. Island‘s Choi Minhwan, recently took to her YouTube account to vent about how hard her second pregnancy had been on her body.


On her last day at a postpartum care center, Yulhee enjoyed a meal while sharing the details of her weight gain and weight loss caused by her pregnancy and birth.

The day I gave birth, I weighed between 82 and 83 kilograms (~182 pounds). That means I gained 28 kilograms (~62 pounds) during my pregnancy.

– Yulhee

She then proceeded to reveal her current weight after giving birth and expressed her disappointment.

I checked yesterday, and I weigh 67 kilograms (~148 pounds) now. I lost 16 kilograms (~35 pounds), but I still have 12 (~27 pounds) kilograms left to go. Thinking about how hard I have to work out and diet to lose it makes me feel depressed.

– Yulhee

Yulhee also confessed that her first birth with Jae Yul went so smoothly that she thought her body was well-suited for pregnancies, but that her second birth was very hard in comparison.

I could sleep on my back until the birth, and it wasn’t even that hard to give birth until just a few hours before he came out.

– Yulhee

She looked back on her time after giving birth to Jae Yul and expressed that that might have been the exception and how impressive those times were compared to the birth of her twins.

I think our experience with Jae Yul was impressive. We didn’t even go to a postpartum care center and immediately raised him without knowing anything. I think that was an exception.

– Yulhee

Yulhee married Choi Minhwan back in 2018 and had their first child, Jae Yul that same year.

And just this past February, Yulhee gave birth to her twin daughters, Ah Yun and Ah Rin, but with Choi Minhwan currently being in the military, she will be raising the twins alone for the time being.

Check out the full vlog below:


Source: Dispatch