Ladies Code’s Ashley Reveals Some Of The Hardest Things About Idol Life And They Might Not Be What You Think

This is a new one, but it totally makes sense.

When discussing Idol life, many subjects can be sort of taboo to talk about to the public, but Ladies Code‘s Ashley held nothing back when asked the hard-hitting question by Unpretty Rapstar‘s Grace on Grace’s YouTube channel.

From her dating life, to the Korean club scene, Grace didn’t hold anything back when asking Ashley questions and Ashley answered everything truthfully. One of the most surprising (yet, not surprising at all) answers came when Grace asked Ashley what the hardest part about promoting solo, rather than in a group, is.

In addition to the added anxiety of being the only one on stage at any given moment, Ashley revealed what the hardest part has been for her: boredom.

She explained that during music broadcast shows idols have a lot of downtime spent in their perspective waiting rooms. When in a group you can pass the time talking and playing around with your group members, something we see a lot of in idols’ reality shows. However, when you’re alone with only your manager and staff to talk to, things could go from exciting to as dull as watching paint dry real fast.


Boredom might be a small price to pay for being an idol, but with all of the hardships that idols face, it’s one thing that not many people think of but the boredom is real. Thankfully Ladies Code is currently promoting “FEEDBACK” as a group, so Ashley will be free of her boredom! Watch Grace’s video and Ladies Code’s music video for “FEEDBACK” below: