Lady Gaga Reveals How And Why She Asked BLACKPINK To Collaborate For “Sour Candy”

Lady Gaga specifically wanted BLACKPINK for more than just their talent.

Once fans caught wind of a possible collaboration between BLACKPINK and Lady Gaga, everyone was pleased with an official announcement that it would indeed happen through the song “Sour Candy”.

After weeks of waiting, it was revealed BLACKPINK’s featuring would finally be released on May 29 in Lady Gaga’s upcoming album Chromatica.

Although it’s only a couple days away, Lady Gaga treated fans by sharing her experience of seeking out BLACKPINK for the song and why she’d chosen them specifically through an interview with Japan’s tvgroove.

While some collaborations happen when artists run into each other or seek another’s attention, Lady Gaga had been the one to get into contact with BLACKPINK.

When she reached them, they turned out to be just as excited about the idea as she had been, “I called BLACKPINK and asked if they wanted to work on the song with me, and they were enthusiastic and delighted to.”

Since Lady Gaga is known worldwide, she could have her pick from numerous artists to collaborate with. Even so, there was a particular reason why BLACKPINK was her top choice.

Combining the female empowerment that she and BLACKPINK promote was a winning combination, “I wanted to support powerful women like BLACKPINK, and they felt the same way.”

With the vibe and touches that BLACKPINK added to the song, Lady Gaga hadn’t been disappointed one bit.

She’d been taken aback by how well they did, especially with changing languages, “I was excited to hear them interpret the song in Korean and told them that the part was so creative and fun. I was [amazed] when I heard their singing voice[s].”

Having worked with the girls and created such a cool collaboration together, Lady Gaga was happy to be one of them—at least for a bit: “I’m…proud to be the fifth member of BLACKPINK (on this song).”

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