A Quirky TV Appearance Of Lady Jane’s Fiancé Resurfaces And Leaves Netizens Cracking Up

No one could resist laughing 😂

Singer and entertainer Lady Jane recently made headlines with the news of her engagement to an actor who’s ten years younger. The couple reportedly dated for seven years before taking the next step.

Lady Jane | @yourladyjane/Instagram

Her fiancé turned out to be rookie actor Lim Hyun Tae, who starred in Taxi Driver 2. Because he looked familiar outside of his acting roles, netizens quickly uncovered his past. They found a resurfaced TV appearance that has everyone cracking up from Lim Hyun Tae’s quirkiness.

Lim Hyun Tae | @limht0319/Instagram

Lim Hyun Tae is a former member of HO Company‘s boy group BIGFLO and once made an unforgettable entrance on the variety show Real Men. As soon as he arrived at the filming site, he let out a loud howl that immediately captured everyone’s attention.

Despite the soldiers being masters at being expressionless, even they appeared startled by the outburst. That was only the beginning of Lim Hyun Tae’s quirkiness, though.

Fully turning on his stage persona HighTop, Lim Hyun Tae amused viewers with a funny freestyle rap about the situation.

He even had enough energy to spare, cheering on the older women working in a field near the military base.

Lim Hyun Tae’s past quirkiness was so funny that netizens couldn’t help but laugh in the comments. With a sense of humor like that, no wonder Lady Jane dated the actor for so many years. They’ll never have a dull moment.

| @limht0319/Instagram

See Lim Hyun Tae’s past as a quirky idol full of energy and laughs.

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