G-DRAGON’s latest picture has fans worried he may be smoking again

Fans are concerned that G-DRAGON has picked up his smoking habit once again after he posts a suspicious photo onto Instagram.

VIPs are suspicious that BIGBANG‘S G-DRAGON has picked up his smoking habit again after the idol had uploaded a photo of a cigarette onto his Instagram account.  Just in January, G-DRAGON admitted to have stopped smoking as mentioned in our past article despite being a public tobacco user for years.  But it seems that unfortunately quitting has not been a very simple task for the idol as in the past; he has posted a photo that hinted towards the idol possibilities of him struggling to fulfill his resolution.

Once G-DRAGON posted the photo onto Instagram, fans immediately swarmed into his comments and left him both comments of support and hundreds of others expressed how worried they are for his health. Fans are leaving comments such as “Don’t smoke gd. We love you” and “Smoking is not good for your health, please stay healthy Oppa <3” among hundreds of other comments.

However it is not certain that G-DRAGON has indeed picked up his habit again, but despite their concern, VIPs are definitely offering out their unconditional support to the idol.


Check out the photo that was uploaded to G-DRAGON’s Instagram account below: 


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