Lay Condemns The Entertainment Industry, Reveals He’d Never Let His Kids Become Idols 

After what he’s seen, he doesn’t want his kids to be in the entertainment business.

Lay may be a member of one of the most successful K-Pop groups but he says he wouldn’t wish it on his children.


In an interview with Pear Vid, he was asked if he encourages other youth who dream to become an idol just like him.


He responded by saying he does encourage anyone who has that dream, however if it were his own children he would be against it.

“I would encourage any young people with this dream, but if he were my son? I wouldn’t encourage it.”


He would rather his son pursue a different career path, such as a doctor, lawyer, artist, or something else.

“I hope my son becomes a good doctor, a lawyer or enjoy arts. He can like the arts, he can cultivate his tastes but I can’t really support him becoming an idol.”


When he was told that another actor was very against his own daughter becoming an actress, Lay completely agreed.

“Daughter? If I have a daughter, I will be even more against it.”


With the current turbulent climate of Korea’s entertainment industry, it’s no wonder Lay would want to protect his own children.


Check out his full interview below:


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