LE SSERAFIM Dish On What They Really Feel About Debuting In An Era Of Strong Girl Groups

Competition is very high.

Following their latest comeback with the title track “UNFORGIVEN,” LE SSERAFIM has starred in several interviews, including some with GRAMMY and NME. In both interviews, they touched up on the topic of steep competition among fourth generation’s girl groups.


First, GRAMMY wanted to know what their thoughts are about being part of a strong new generation of girl groups.

LE SSERAFIM was the first girl group launched by Source Music under HYBE, and now you’re part of such a strong new generation of girl groups who also debuted in the past few years. What are some of your thoughts about being part of this new wave?

— Tássia Assis, GRAMMY

These are K-POP groups such as aespa

| SM Entertainment




| Starship Entertainment

NMIXX, and many more.

| JYP Entertainment

The two youngest members, Eunchae and Kazuha, answered on behalf of their members. Maknae Eunchae explained that they only have positive feelings about it.

She loves that girl groups are receiving a lot of attention nowadays, many people tuning in to listen to their songs. Although they’re technically “competition,” the “ANTIFRAGILE” singers actually become even more motivated by them.

I think it is really nice to be active in a time where so many great girl groups are getting a lot of attention. A lot of people are listening to their music, and while we are also promoting with other groups, we’re getting a lot of motivation and positive influences. I’m really satisfied and happy with that.

— Eunchae


In their interview with NME, Kazuha shared the same sentiments as Eunchae. She also believes that they receive a lot of motivation from other girl groups. Additionally, she appreciates how everyone has different colors, and she thinks that makes the K-Pop industry more exciting.

There are so many other teams [doing well], so we get good motivation by just watching them too. I think each team has very different and unique colors, which makes the whole industry very fun.

— Kazuha


We shouldn’t lose our own color and uniqueness in this wave, and try to showcase that confidently,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, legendary producer Nile Rodgers revealed why he chose LE SSERAFIM to be his very first collaboration in K-Pop. Check out his answer in the article below.

Why Nile Rodgers Chose LE SSERAFIM To Be His First K-Pop Collaboration And What He Really Thinks About The Genre

Source: GRAMMY and NME


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