Cameraman Hilariously Apologizes To LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha For An Unexpected Reason

His mistake got some laughs out of everyone!

Some FEARNOTs may remember the individual fancam of LE SSERAFIM‘s Kazuha during “Fearless” for an unexpected reason!

During the performance, everything was going as normal. However, things got confusing once Kazuha stepped into a line behind the members.

When they emerged, the cameraman moved his camera to the right, looking for Kazuha. Instead, the only members on this side were Sakura and former member Garam.

After a few moments, he eventually realized that she had went in the other direction and was on the other side of the stage! The camera quickly zoomed back over to her.

The cameraman revealed that he filmed the wrong side after the members left the line.

I filmed on the right side but the member went to the left.

— Cameraman

He revealed that because of his mistake, he was nervous to go on YouTube.

That day, I couldn’t even go on YouTube comfortably.

— Cameraman

Additionally, he didn’t yet get the opportunity to apologize to Kazuha, so he did it right then!

Even the staff found the whole situation a little cute and funny when they were heard laughing in the background!

To LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha-san… I’m sorry.

— Cameraman

To further his apology, he danced to the song’s choreography. All is forgiven with those moves!

Watch the full funny video below.


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