LE SSERAFIM Kazuha’s Favorite Snack Is From The Philippines, And She Has A Special Recipe For It

It’s healthy and delicious!

There are so many snacks available in the market, but for Kazuha of LE SSERAFIM, her absolute favorite one at the moment is dried mango. Dried mango is a famous fruit in the Philippines, but it’s loved by people from all over the world. And now, even K-Pop idols are fans!


The “FEARLESS” singer talked all about her interest in it in a past vlog. She brought out two packs of dried mango and explained that she took one from a set and bought the other one. It tastes so good that she can’t get enough of it!

There’s this food that I’m into these days. It’s dried mango. So I didn’t even know that I had two dried mangoes at home. This one, I bought, and this one, I brought from a set. Dried mangoes are so delicious, and I’m eating a lot these days.

— Kazuha

After showing off her two packs, she shared her go-to recipe, which is both easy and healthy. She puts two to three slices of dried mango in a cup of plain yogurt and leaves it in the fridge overnight. She always finds that it increases the sweetness of the yogurt and even makes the mango more fresh.

I put two or three slices of dried mango in a cup of plain yogurt. I put it in the fridge overnight. When I wake up the next day and open the yogurt, the dried mango has soaked up the moisture and becomes fresh again. The yogurt becomes sweeter, and the mango becomes fresh, so it’s really cool.

— Kazuha

It’s so tasty, so I eat that sometimes,” she concluded with a nod.

If Kazuha were to visit the Philippines, Filipino fans would surely gift her with more! Here’s to hoping she goes on a trip soon.


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