LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Receives A Package From The USA Once A Month—Here’s What’s Inside

It’s like Christmas every month 🎄

Raised in the USA, LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin moved to South Korea to pursue her dream of being a K-Pop idol. But thanks to her mom who is still living there, she doesn’t have to miss out on all the great American goodies that she can only buy in the Western country!

Yunjin | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter

In a recent vlog, the “FEARLESS” singer finished off her workday with a fun unboxing session where she opened a package that had just arrived at her apartment. She explained that her mom sends her things from the States once a month.

Hello, I’m back again today. Because my mom is nice enough to send me stuff that I need once a month from the States, I’m so grateful. Okay, ta-da! What’s in here?

— Yunjin

The first product that she pulled out was sunscreen, an essential for protecting her skin from the sun’s rays.

Next, she received two pieces of clothing. They look perfect for dance practice sessions. “Wow. Nice, thank you,” she said, clearly impressed.

Her mom also packed cough drops for her. As a singer, they definitely come in handy for all the times her throat is sore.

Oh my. Cough drops. This is really good for your throat. Thank you.

— Yunjin

When she pulled out the next item, a bright smile formed on her face. She exclaimed, “Ooh, one of my favorite candies.”

Last but not the least, she received a pair of black UGG slippers for the summer. Seeing how stylish all the clothing items in the package were, it’s safe to say that her mom has good taste.

And that concludes Yunjin’s haul! Seeing how fun it was, here’s to hoping she uploads an unboxing video again next month.

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Source: YouTube