LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon’s Secrets To Her Iconic “Aegyo-Sal” Makeup Look

It’s actually simple!

LE SSERAFIM‘s Kim Chaewon is a pro when it comes to pulling off all kinds of makeup styles to convey different concepts. In her recent days, she hasn’t shied away from bold and blushy styles…

…and she’s no stranger to a dainty feminine style with fairy-like eyelashes and subtle shadows.

One of her personal favorite looks that she told to W Korea was the makeup look she wore for her legendary “Antifragile” fancam.

With emphasis on her sparkling eyes, faded lips, and bright blush, she rocked the stage makeup style that exudes “idol” vibes.

Part of achieving this look includes emphasizing her “aegyo-sal,” also known as the puffy under eye area that adds a charismatic and babyish charm to one’s makeup look. The first step to achieve this is actually to pick the right blush which will accent the area and add to your look.

Placing it under her eyes and on her cheeks, she chooses a pink or peach blush.

Then, she moves onto her under eye area to emphasize her aegyo-sal.

She uses a shimmering eyeshadow stick to highlight the most prominent point of her aegyo-sal, but a regular shimmering eyeshadow with a small brush would also work just as well.

She then sets it with a sparkling loose eye shadow powder. Just like that, her look is complete!

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