LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Gains Attention For Her Thoughts About Dieting And Living Healthily

Many fans agree with what Sakura said!

LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura is currently starring in a solo variety program titled Fearless Kura, created in the hopes of showing her in a variety of situations where she is “fearless.”


In the latest episode of Fearless Kura, Sakura appeared along with former IZ*ONE groupmate Choi Yena, as the two spent time in a sauna as the traditional way of surviving winter in Korea.

This is the second episode of Fearless Kura that Yena has appeared in, with the two working out with Olympic gold medalist Yun Sung Bin and challenging him to a sledding race in the previous episode.

The two joke around about the last episode, with Yena saying that she “hated her a little bit.

Sakura and Yena are then told they’ll go through “three hell challenges,” one of which involving the two sitting in a sauna for as long as they can. Yena tells Sakura about the “fire sauna,” saying that it is so hot that people should not stay inside for more than five minutes.

The two head to the first room, where they begin chatting about how older people often enjoy hot foods, saying that they’re refreshing.

Sakura then asks Yena if she eats anything for her health, and both confirm that they do not.

Sakura then gives her thoughts on the subject, saying that instead of eating flavorless healthy food, she would rather “eat lots of delicious food and die early.

Rather than eating flavorless healthy food and living a long life, I’d eat lots of delicious food and die early.

— Sakura

Yena agrees with her statement, saying that “eating delicious food makes you happy” and that being happy means living longer!

Fans are praising Sakura for her wisdom and seem to agree completely!

Check out the full video below!