LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura And Kazuha Get Creative When Asked About Their Weight

Sometimes, a non-answer is the best answer.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura and Kazuha recently appeared on M2‘s YouTube channel in an episode of the Tingling ASMR series where they got creative with their answers when unnecessarily asked about their weight.



In each episode of the Tingling Interview, the guests are asked a few questions from their profiles, including where they are from and their age. In LE SSERAFIM’s episode, Sakura and Kazuha were asked questions just like these, giving viewers unfamiliar with them a brief introduction.

They were also asked to reveal their weights on camera but managed to answer the question in a very creative way.

When first asked, Sakura appeared to really think about her weight.

Instead of answering the question directly, she instead compared her weight to that of an apple, saying that she weight about “25 of them.” She seemed pretty pleased with her clever answer as well!

When Kazuha was asked the question, she made a somewhat confused face, almost as though she couldn’t understand why she was being asked this.

She replies that her weight is “heavier than a cat,” which is even more of an ambiguous answer than Sakura’s! She too laughed about her smart way of not answering the question directly.

Weight can be considered a personal matter and could possibly “create controversy” for those asked to reveal theirs. For LE SSERAFIM dealing with comments about both their diets and weights has been a struggle, something depicted in The World Is My Oyster, the group’s documentary. Sakura was praised by fans for speaking up for the group against HYPE’s harsh expectations.

After another idol, Jo Yuri, was asked about her weight, a commenter brought up the question of why only girl group members were asked about their weight. Girl groups are subjected to unfair expectations about their weight among other things that many boy groups do not have to worry about, so it’s great to see Sakura and Kazuha take control this way!

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Source: M2