Jo Yuri’s Weight Measurement Draws Surprise As She Reveals She’s Still Dieting

Yuri revealed her real weight and height in a new interview.

It’s only been a few months since IZ*ONE sadly disbanded as scheduled, but former main vocalist Jo Yuri is already becoming a major solo star in her own right. Of course, success doesn’t come without hard work and preparation, and in Yuri’s case, that also includes dieting. However, fans were surprised to learn she’s still on a diet after the soloist revealed her weight and heigh in a new interview.

When Jo Yuri first debuted in IZ*ONE at the age of 17, she was just 160cm tall, or 5ft, 3in. But while many girls stop growing earlier in their teen years, it seems young Yuri still had a little way to go.

Jo Yuri

In her recent ASMR Tingle Interview for Mnet‘s M2 channel, Yuri revealed, “I grew a little.” From 160cm tall in 2018, Yuri said she’d grown to about 163cm—though when prompted to “tell us honestly,” she did admit that number is closer to 162cm (5ft, 3.5in).

| M2/YouTube

Next, Yuri was asked to reveal her weight. Agreeing to answer truthfully, the solo singer went on to say she weighs around 42kg (92.5 lbs.) However, in spite of that low weight, Yuri drew surprise from fans by confessing that she’s currently on a diet.

| @JOYURI_offcl/Twitter

I’m on a diet, so…

— Jo Yuri

While it’s not uncommon for idols to restrict their eating and exercise more during a comeback or debut release like “Glassy,” many fans didn’t expect to hear that Yuri would be dieting when her weight is already so low. Her current height and weight measurements put her BMI at 16.0; typically, a BMI of under 18.5 is considered underweight.

On YouTube, a fan by the name of Candyyy asked, “why is she on a diet if she’s only 42/43 kg TT.” Over on Twitter, another expressed that they hope Yuri gets to eat more soon.

That said, a low weight doesn’t inherently mean someone is unhealthy. Earlier this year, fellow soloist Somi told fans she’s 172cm tall (5ft, 7.5in) and weighs 46.6kg, putting her BMI at 15.8. However, practicing choreography and dancing on stage can burn a lot of weight, and many fans were reassured to see that Somi has a lean and muscular physique despite her weight.

Somi | The Black Label

As such, many fans are hoping that Jo Yuri is staying healthy, no matter what size she is. In the meantime, some are calling on Mnet and other content producers to avoid asking questions about weight, particularly as Yuri herself said that the question was sensitive.

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This is a sensitive question, but since I just swore the oath, I’ll tell you truthfully.

— Jo Yuri

One YouTube commenter asked why male idols weren’t asked about their weight during their Tingle Interviews, while another pointed out that weight is a personal matter that can “create controversy.”

Watch the full interview for yourself here: