LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura Says She Has One “Serious” Concern After Being An Idol For 12 Years

This is actually a pretty common “concern.”

LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura recently appeared on GOT7 BamBam‘s at-home variety show, Bam House.  In each episode, BamBam and his guest will sit in his house and chat about a number of subjects while BamBam prepares them a homemade brewed beer.

GOT7’s BamBam (left) and LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura (right) | Fearless Kura

The episode begins on a high note, with Sakura and BamBam greeting each other with excitement…

…before taking a hilarious turn when the pair begin offering somewhat sad drink toast suggestions like “life is hard” and “sleep when you’re dead.” Sakura’s suggestion even causes BamBam to question how hard HYBE is making the LE SSERAFIM member work.

After this millennial/gen-z humor moment, the two continue talking, with BamBam bringing up Sakura’s massively successful career. Sakura first got her start in Japan as a member of HKT48 before successfully debuting in the Korean survival show group IZ*ONE. After IZ*ONE’s disbandment, Sakura then debuted as a member of LE SSERAFIM.

BamBam jokingly asks if there will “be a 4th group,” to which Sakura replies, “LE SSERAFIM is the last team.”

Sakura then says she has one serious concern that has plagued her for the 12 years she has been an idol: the fact that she is unable to wink.


Wink #miyawakisakura #izoneofficial #wizone #izonepermanent #izone (from: brilliantSakura)

♬ original sound – ʌɪвᴇᴜ / aɪz wʌn – ʌɪвᴇᴜ / aɪz wʌn

BamBam admits that he, too, is unable to wink, much to Sakura’s surprise. The two then attempt to wink, ending with some hilarious results.

You can check out the full episode below!