6 “Unknown” Facts About LE SSERAFIM, According To The Members Themselves

Each member was mentioned.

LE SSERAFIM is Source Music‘s and HYBE‘s newest girl group. Though some members have already been under the spotlight for several years—namely, Sakura, Chaewon, and Yunjin from Produce 48—there is still so much about each of them that fans do not know.

In an interview with Forbes, the members were asked to name something new about each other that the public may not yet be aware of.

Check them out below!

1. Sakura

First up, according to Yunjin, Sakura is even more affectionate in real life. Though she may appear intimidating because of her immense popularity, she’s actually an approachable big sister-type to the members.

Sakura has so much love for the members and always takes care of us.

— Yunjin

2. Kazuha

Next up, Kazuha exudes grace and elegance thanks to her upbringing as a ballerina. What stands out about her in Yunjin’s eyes, however, is her comedic nature.

Kazuha has an unexpected charm. She is quirky and has a good sense of humor.

— Yunjin

3. Chaewon

Like Kazuha, Chaewon is also a positive person. Though fans may already be aware, Eunchae pointed out that “Chaewon is playful and always laughs a lot.”

4. Yunjin

Among all of the members of LE SSERAFIM, Yunjin seems to be the most extroverted thanks to her cheerfulness and closeness to the members. Interestingly though, she is actually an introvert with a Myers Briggs Type Indicator of INFJ. She is someone who “approaches life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination.” 

Our fans say Yunjin seems like an ‘E’ type in MBTI, but she is actually very much ‘I.’ She’s very sentimental and likes to decorate her room beautifully.

— Sakura

5. Garam

Garam, meanwhile, is someone who bottles up her emotions so as not to worry others.

Garam is always bright on the outside and doesn’t really like to show what might burden her on the inside.

— Kazuha

6. Eunchae

Last but certainly not the least, maknae Eunchae is being closely monitored by Sakura. It is because of her duality—freely switching from a cute girl to a charismatic singer—that she is being praised by her members.

Eunchae is an adorable, lovely maknae [youngest member], but on camera, her eyes change and she is absolutely fierce. I’m looking forward to what she may become in the future.

— Sakura

Eunchae Off-Stage
Eunchae On-Stage

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Source: Forbes