LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Had Given Up Her Dreams And Returned To The U.S But Here’s Why She Changed Her Mind

It was meant to be.

LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin did not have an easy road to becoming an idol. She famously trained at Pledis Entertainment for years before moving to Source Music!

In 2018, Yunjin made her TV debut on Produce 48 with fellow Pledis mate, Lee Gaeun. While Gaeun had already debuted once with After School, Yunjin had only been a trainee for 6 months before heading on the show.

Yunjin on Produce 48. | Mnet

While she slayed the show, she was still eliminated eventually. Afterwhich, she returned back to training at Pledis Entertainment. It was rumored that she would debut with Gaeun shortly. But when Gaeun ended up leaving the company in 2019, all plans for Yunjin were up in the air.

She ended up returning to the States after feeling dejected from missing multiple debut opportunities. She started preparing to go to college instead.

I felt that I had missed too many opportunities to debut, so I returned to the US. I was preparing for college in the States, for a major in…what do you call it? Business? I got into college but one day I found the guitar that I used to play in high school. When I picked it up and started playing, I felt very weird. It felt like I shouldn’t give up music. Even though I got into college, but I felt like I wanted to do music again, after starting it once more. And that was when a good opportunity came to me, and I ended up debuting with LE SSERAFIM.

— Yunjin

She had received a call from Pledis Entertainment to come back. They had merged with HYBE then, and were planning a girl group. They informed her of the news and requested for her to return to the company. Yunjin had, of course, taken the chance!

It’s inspiring how her love for music motivated her to return. And that, boys and girls, was how she ended up making her fated debut with LE SSERAFIM.