LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin Completely Changed Her Eyebrow Shape And Netizens Have Mixed Opinions

One gorgeous girl in two different styles! 😍

LE SSERAFIM‘s Yunjin recently underwent a change in her makeup style and netizens are debating which one suits her more.

Prior to debut, she rocked bold, dark browns that made her instantly recognizable.

With the straight shape, she had a fierce impression that contrasted beautifully with her doe eyes.

In this style, fans compared her to Snow White and also shared that she had the vibes of a “traditional beauty,” meaning that she is pretty in a natural way.

However, after switching up her approach to eyebrow makeup, she shows that she can rock a totally different style!

Lightening her eyebrows to create a softer impression, she now has a more typical Korean style makeup that is often seen on K-Pop idols.

This eyebrow shape is more curved than her previous look and flatters her face well.

Some netizens prefer this look, loving a softer impression that lets her beautiful facial features stand out and overall gives her a feminine appearance.

Whether you prefer the first or the second look, everyone agrees that Yunjin is always a visual goddess!

Source: Instiz