Leaked Photos Of Male Idol Groups In The New 2017 Idol Star Athletics Championship

This year’s Idol Star Athletics Championship boasted an impressive lineup of our favorite idols who performed with flying colors!

MBC‘s hit program Idol Star Athletics Championship recently released its newest broadcast on January 16th. Many groups participated in the competition and showed great athleticism as well as sportsmanship.

A few leaked photos of our favorite male idol groups competing in the new “Aerobics” competition have been going viral. During the competition, they made sure to wear only the best, most appealing outfits for the special occasion. Some groups even boasted shiny, glittery outfits that are as brilliant as stage costumes.

Check out their incredible outfits below!

BAP of TS Entertainment

BAP’s all black outfits look so cool!

KNK of YNB Entertainment

KNK warms up before a performance. They boldly wear their red and gold outfits with confidence.

ASTRO of Fantagio

Astro wore black and white outfits decorated with hints of blue and gold.

SEVENTEEN of Pledis Entertainment

All eyes were on Seventeen as they brandished shiny gold outfits.

SNUPER of Widmay Entertainment

Snuper looks handsome with their classic black and gold outfits.


Teen Top puts on an amazing performance with red and black outfits that resemble royalty.

Source: Dispatch