Lee Dong Gook Accidentally Gives His Daughter A Bloody Nose…During A Snowball Fight

Oh dads, am I right??

Soccer player and dad of 5, Lee Dong Gook is cracking people up with his competitive nature!


On January 6, Lee Dong Gook’s wife Lee Soo Jin uploaded onto her personal Instagram page a cute video of the family enjoying the snow that blanketed the nation. Fans can see the family playing with the snow and starting a little friendly snowball fight. What starts off as a cute family outing, however, quickly turns into a competition.

| Korea JoongAng Daily

Their oldest daughter, Jaesi, is seen posing cutely with her pink hat and a sizable snowball. She shows it off to the camera and her mom all the while showing off her aegyo as well.

Capture from Instagram video | @supermom_sujin/Instagram

Then fans can see Lee Dong Gook being the goofy dad that he is, come up behind Jaesi to pull a little prank. He puts his hand behind her hand that’s holding the snowball…

Capture from Instagram video | @supermom_sujin/Instagram

…and smashes her face with it! This naturally brought a lot of laughter to Lee Dong Gook, as well as Lee Soo Jin. Jaesi handled it like a champ, which isn’t surprising since she’s probably used to her athlete dad being goofy. Lee Soo Jin hilariously commentates the action by saying “and the war has begun.” 

Capture from Instagram video | @supermom_sujin/Instagram

Jaesi turns around and starts to attack her dad with the snow, exacting her revenge. As Jaesi and Lee Dong Gook engage in their adorable snowball fight, it is then that everyone realizes…

Capture from Instagram video | @supermom_sujin/Instagram

…she has a bloody nose!

Capture from Instagram video | @supermom_sujin/Instagram

Her mom and dad erupted into even more laughter when they realized their friendly little game made their daughter get a double bloody nose! Lee Dong Gook checks up on his daughter lovingly, making sure she’s okay before sending her inside to clean herself up.

Capture from Instagram video | @supermom_sujin/Instagram

We are obsessed with this family and the cute ways they manage to keep the fun alive! You can watch the entire interaction on Lee Soo Jin’s Instagram down below.

Source: Insight and Instagram