Valentino Models Were Caught Red-Handed Fangirling Over Lee Dong Wook At Recent Event

They were definitely excited about him being there!

Actor Lee Dong Wook recently attended the Valentino Haute Couture Fashion Show event in Beijing and left everyone feeling beyond attacked as he once again proved he’s not a normal human but a visual god!


With his visuals shining brightly, it’s no wonder that the models for Valentino were caught red-handed having a full fangirl moment over him!


Shortly after the event, W Korea shared a few behind-the-scenes clips of the event including one where the Valentino models realized they had just walked past the seat Lee Dong Wook had sat in for the show!


They were so excited about discovering his seat that an official had to ask them to keep moving! And even after they moved on, they stopped on the other side of the chair and had another fangirl moment!


With the models fangirling over his seat, it just goes to prove that Lee Dong Wook is simply irresistible!


After all, Lee Dong Wook is definitely not a mere mortal!