Lee Honggi Reveals How His Little Sister Reacted to His Military Enlistment Notice

He was probably hoping for a different reaction.

F.T. Island‘s Lee Honggi recently shared a screenshot of a chat he had with his little sister, and it’s all too relatable for those with a sibling.


His sister, Lee Ja Young sent Lee Honggi a photo of the military enlistment notice they received in the mail.

But after a very short surprise, she followed it up with a laughing emoticon as if she was laughing at him about having to go to the military.

In response to his little sister’s joke, Lee Honggi responded with, “Hahahaha, you little s**t” and then captioned the photo with “Siblings in real life… I’ll see you at home Lee Ja Young.

On the same day, FNC Entertainment announced that Lee Honggi will enlist in the military on September 30.



Source: Dispatch
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