Lee Hyori Once Shut Down Breast Implant Rumors In The Best Way Possible — And It’s Making Headlines Again

She left no crumbs.

Plastic surgery has become a commonly known part of the Korean entertainment industry, with many stars going under the knife to accentuate their already attractive features. And even while many stars undergo plastic surgery, there is still a stigma surrounding it — which is why so many of them decide to keep it a secret.

As rumors about who got what done continue to make headlines to this day, there is one celebrity who is not shy about addressing these rumors and it is none other than the original sexy queen, Lee Hyori.

Lee Hyori.

On the most recent episode of Mnet‘s TMI News, they tackled the topic of celebrities who have once faced plastic surgery rumors. It was here that the story of Lee Hyori was unearthed.

While the gorgeous singer was always blessed with a glamorous figure, due to the innocent image of her girl group Fin.K.L, it was revealed that she used to perform with a pressure bandage wrapped around her chest” to minimize her size.

Lee Hyori during her Fin.K.L days | Mnet

Following the group’s hiatus, however, Lee Hyori went on to successfully debut as a solo artist. She emerged with a much sexier concept, which was a 180 difference from her Fin.K.L image.

Lee Hyori during her Fin.K.L days (left) versus her solo days (right) | Mnet

Her solo debut was executed without the use of any pressure bandages, which meant that Lee Hyori performed as she was. However, due to the sudden image change, she was met with endless breast augmentation accusations.

Caption: “A glamorous figure that was not present during her Fin.K.L days suddenly appeared.”

So what did she do? Lee Hyori slammed the rumors in the most Lee Hyori way possible.

The singer once took part in a reality television series titled Off The Record, where her life was documented for three months. During her time on the show, she was involved in a small car accident. To ensure that she was injury free, Lee Hyori took some x-rays at the doctor’s office and it was here that she decided to put her breast augmentation rumors to rest once and for all.

Lee Hyori asking the doctor: “Can breast implants or people who’ve undergone the surgery show up on an x-ray?”

The doctor compared an x-ray of someone who had breast implants to an x-ray of Lee Hyori, and it was following his comparison that he concluded the singer was 100% natural.

X-ray of breast implants (left) versus Lee Hyori’s x-ray (right).

What an amazing way to shut down the rumors once and for all! You can watch the entire TMI News segment down below.

Source: WikiTree