Lee Hyori Exposes Kwanghee’s True Character by Revealing a Handwritten Note He Gave Her

Kwanghee must be protected at all costs.

Lee Hyori, who recently came back into the spotlight through MBC’s Hangout With Yoo, posted two photos along with the caption, “Haha” which exposed Kwanghee‘s true character.

Kwanghee, who also appears in Hangout With Yoo, wrote his “sunbae”, Lee Hyori a note that reads as follows:

Noona! Hi there!

This is Kwanghee.

You traveled such a far way and even filmed right after. You’re working so hard! This is some delicious kiwi. Please try it!

I had some at home, and it was so good that I wanted to bring some for you.


Sincerely, Kwanghee

– Kwanghee

As if that wasn’t adorable enough, Kwanghee added another note just to stress that he wasn’t promoting a business he’s affiliated with.

Noona! I have nothing to do with a kiwi farm or a kiwi business. I only brought them for you because they’re really delicious and I wanted you to try some.

– Kwanghee

In recent episodes of Hangout With You, Lee Hyori and Kwanghee showed off hilarious sibling-like chemistry, and it was even revealed that Lee Hyori invited Kwanghee back on the show.

What viewers particularly noted was the way she protected Kwanghee when Yoo Jae Suk playfully scolded him or made fun of him.

And the interaction they shared while the cameras are off is making viewers respond with comments such as “Those two notes clearly show Kwanghee’s true character“, “I can tell he has a pure heart“, and “This is why Lee Hyori cherishes Kwanghee“.

If you didn’t love Kwanghee already, here’s another reason to add to the list.

Stan Kwanghee!

Source: Insight

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