Lee Hyori Once Gave IU Great And Comforting Advice On Relationships

“That’s how you can recognize a good person when he comes”

Many watched the two iconic artists Lee Hyori and IU become great friends through their time on the TV show Hyori’s bed & breakfast. The two shared several fun moments as well as some more personal ones.

During one of the hit show’s episodes, IU mentioned Lee Hyori’s marriage and asked if she ever misses the fun and exciting first stages of dating.

So now that you’re married…You don’t miss like the beginning stages of dating?

— IU

Lee Hyori admitted that she does miss the feeling and even gets a bit sad thinking she won’t be able to experience it anymore. Lee Hyori even opened up on her biggest fear about tying the knot.

I do. I feel a little sad that I won’t get to have it anymore. What worried me the most when I got married was nothing else, just worried that I might cheat on him. My feelings change all the time.

— Lee Hyori

Despite Lee Hyori’s concerns about her and marriage, she assured IU that, even after 6 years of marriage, the thought of cheating never popped up in her head.

I like the beginning stages of dating. But for the past 6 years, such a thought never crossed my mind.

— Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori then gave IU some wise and touching advice on relationships and finding the right person for herself.

So you need to meet someone who’s above and beyond that yearning. Someone you like enough to get rid of wanting to date. Such a person exists.

— Lee Hyori

In response, IU questioned Lee Hyori’s claim that “such a person exists” and stated, “But such a person might not exist for everyone.”

Lee Hyori shared that though what IU said might be true, it’s likely that the person meant for you will come if you wait for them. Lee Hyori further explained her statement and shared she and her husband met after a time where she was focusing on improving herself.

That’s true. But he’ll come if you wait. And if you look around too hard to find a good guy, they never come. The good person came to me when I just worked on myself to be a better person.

— Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori continued to share her wisdom with IU and her last few pieces of advice are great and comforting.

So travel a lot. Read a lot. Get a lot of experience so you can understand what’s good. That’s how you can recognize a good person when he comes.

— Lee Hyori

Check out the video below: