Lee Hyori Reveals Why She Want To Have Children And What She Hopes To Learn As A Mother

She would make an amazing mother.

The stunning Lee Hyori recently met with Harper’s Bazaar for an incredible pictorial and interview! In her interview, Lee Hyori discussed her marriage, cozy lifestyle, happiness, and expanding her family!

Through her popular reality TV show program Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast, Lee Hyori showcased her peaceful lifestyle in Jeju Island alongside her loving husband Lee Sang Soon and several adorable pets!

Although the show centered around Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon opening their home up as a bed and breakfast and taking care of guests, many viewers saw the sweet relationship between the couple.

Lee Hyori expressed in her interview the happiness she receives through her marriage to Lee Sang Soon and their simple lifestyle.

When I return home after doing yoga in the evening, my husband prepares dinner, I can get close to nature, and my dogs can walk and run on dirt roads.

— Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori also discussed her desire to expand her family and has been planning to have children! By having children, Lee Hyori shared she hopes to learn more about love and understanding her heart.

I think the reason I came to this world is to learn something. They say that parenting is the most important thing for studying the heart. I want to learn about that love, the sacrifice, and effort that’s only possible of a mom and that kind of love.

— Lee Hyori

From turning her home into a home for others and taking care of junior artists, Lee Hyori has proved time and time again that she would be an amazing mother!


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