Lee Hyori Burst Out Laughing When Yoona Began Dancing To Fin.K.L’s Song And She Couldn’t Stop

Yoona had Lee Hyori cracking up hard:

Since the second season of Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast when Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona was a helper at Lee Hyori and her husband Lee Sang Soon‘s homestay, Yoona and Hyori have gotten even closer. And they recently shared just how adorable their friendship really is.


On November 17, Hyori uploaded a clip of Yoona dancing to Fin.K.L’s 2000 hit, “Feel Your Love”. While Yoona bopped along and had a blast dancing to the song…


Hyori and Lee Sang Soon cracked up hard behind the camera! Hyori could even be heard asking Yoona why she found her cover so funny!


Yoona and Hyori’s hangout session, meanwhile, has been seriously warming fans’ hearts as everyone simultaneously cracks up at Yoona’s best Hyori hair flip impersonation and melts over their sweet friendship.


Their friendship really is adorable!

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