Lee Hyori’s Comeback Photos Were Leaked Online And They’re Gorgeous 

They weren’t online for long, but someone managed to snag them and fans can’t get enough of these leaked photos for Lee Hyori‘s comeback.

On April 5, composer Kim Do Hyun posted a few photos of Lee Hyori on Instagram. It seems as if the update may have been accidental, however, as the photos were removed almost immediately after being uploaded. In spite of their speedy removal, some fans managed to snag them and they were immediately spread online.

It is exciting to hear more news of Lee Hyori’s comeback and these photos immediately caused discussion about her new concept. In the first photo, the singer displayed her flawless figure, but it was her long pastel hairstyle that really caught fans’ attention.

The photos are speculated to be the concept photos used for her comeback in May following reports that she will be releasing a new album. The comeback will be her first comeback in four years after marrying Lee Sang Soon in September 2013.

Check out the photos below:

Lee Hyori looks adorable as she relaxes on her bed.

Lee walks along the beach as she faces the ocean.

Despite the thick clouds, Lee Hyori still found a way to enjoy the beach.

Lee Hyori was always known for her sexy figure, and she hasn’t disappointed fans as she showed off her legs in the final photo.

Source: Kookmin Ilbo