Netizens Can’t Tell If This Is Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Or Singer Lee Jihye

Can you tell who’s who?

Singer-actress Lee Jihye has long stopped being active as part of an idol group, Sharp. Although she is already 40 years old this year, the singer still looks as youthful as ever! Her recent haircut drew attention for how young it made her look, and for turning her into Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s doppelgänger!

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The star snapped a few shots with former ZE:A‘s Kwanghee.

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Netizens have commented that she looks exactly like Taeyeon! One even mentioned she could see some of Red Velvet‘s Irene in her face.

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Here are some of Taeyeon’s photos taken from her Instagram for comparison! With a similar haircut, it is no wonder the two look alike.

Taeyeon recently chopped off her long locks as well for a lob.

With fair skin and a faint blush, the two look so alike it’s uncanny.

Netizens brought up the fact that Lee Jihye looked similar to the main vocal of Girls’ Generation even before her haircut.

It’s hard to believe that this beauty has already turned 40!

Lee Jihye is kind of an SM Entertainment type face

— Netizen

Lee Jihye is currently active as a media personality and MC.

Source: theqoo

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