Lee Jinhyuk Posts A Letter For His Fans Following His Elimination From Produce X 101

Check out his letter here!

Lee Jinhyuk, a member of UP10TION and former contestant on Mnet‘s Produce X 101, was eliminated during the finale of the show and finished at 14th place overall.

Following his elimination, he posted a letter for his fans to thank them for their support and for their love and interest.

Here is the English translation:

Hello! National Producers! This is TOP Media’s Lee Jinhyuk.

I’m not too sure what to say…
Firstly, thank you to the national producers who have shown me so much love and interest.

Like I’ve said during the live broadcast, I was really happy.
It was like a refershing rain to my once lonely life. Everyday, I told myself to treat the stage as if its my last one, and it was all because of the national producers who gave me so much hope.

I wanted to prove myself. I love being onstage more than anything else.

My feelings don’t have a single lie and I feel proud that I was able to perform. I choked up when the national producers told me “you’ve already proved yourself”, because it showed the stages I’ve performed were not of no value.

I didn’t expect to receive so much coming in to Produce X 101. Many cried because I’m unable to debut with X1, so I thought that I should never give up again.

I feel that I didn’t lose anything being on Produce. Actually, I think I gained lots of experience, skills, and responsibility. I’ll work hard to become the Jinhyukie who would be able to meet these new expectations. Things will get more interesting in the future! For new sides of me and more colorful stages, I’ll work hard to become the Lee Jinhyuk who anyone can like and show interest to.

Thank you to our v-dan (t/n: Jinhyuk’s fanclub while he was on Produce X 101). I love you, national producers.

Fans are hoping that they’ll see more of Lee Jinhyuk even though the show is over. National producers have created a project group called BY9 that includes Jinhyuk, and many hope the group will be able to debut.

Here is the Tweet that contains his letter:

Source: Pann