National Producers Hope This Group Of Eliminated Trainees Debut In A Group Together

Fans are hoping for their debut.

In the finale of Produce X 101, we saw the final line-up of X1. We also saw the nine trainees who didn’t make it to the group, and fans are hoping that they will form their own project group similar to JBJ.

The group would consist of: Jellyfish Entertainment‘s Kim Mingyu, TOP Media‘s Lee Jinhyuk, C9 Entertainment‘s Keum Donghyun, Woolim Entertainment‘s Hwang Yunseong, Starship Entertainment‘s Koo Jungmo, Music WorksSong Yuvin, Starship Entertainment’s Ham Wonjin, Hongyi Entertainment‘s Tony, and iME Korea‘s Lee Sejin.

The group would be called BY9, short for “Be Your Nine”.

Chances of the groups debut seem high. C9 Entertainment has given a positive response to the project group.

Music Works has also responded to an email saying they will be in discussions for the group.

Korean fans have also given support. The Korean fanbase of BY9 are planning to use a subway advertisment to promote the boys and to create more public attention. They are currently accepting donations.

When this project group started making its rounds, it recieved much love on Twitter, with a hashtag dedicated for the group trending worlwide on Twitter.

It also ranked number 1 on the Top 100 of the Naver portal.

Fans are hoping the other companies will respond postiively to the project group and that these eliminated trainees will make their debut in BY9.

Source: Naver