Lee Joon Gi reveals he has never received offers to star in a romantic comedy

Lee Joon Gi has expressed his frustrations at now receiving any offers to star in romantic comedies.

Sweetheart in Your Ear Season 2 is a tvN program where celebrities are paired up to get to know each other over the phone.

In the most recent episode, Lee Joon Gi was asked by the director why he has never starred in a romantic comedy, even though he seems to be cut out for one. In response, he explained that he had never received an offer to star in a romantic comedy before, and expressed that he has always wanted to star in one.

He added that he was now getting too old for action or hero films, but they were the only offers he was receiving.

“I get a lot of offers from hero genres. I think it’s because my image was set as an actor in action related genres.. It’s frustrating because I’m also getting older.”

— Lee Joon Gi

We hope to see Lee Joon Gi in a rom-com soon!

Source: OSEN