Lee Jung Eun Was a Struggling Actress Working Part-Time Until She Was 40 Years Old

After debuting at 45, she just won the Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in “Parasite”.

The 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards took place at Paradise City in Incheon, and actress Lee Jung Eun from Parasite took the Best Supporting Actress Award, but what drew even more attention was her story of how late she began her career.


In multiple interviews, Lee Jung Eun confessed that she debuted when she was 45 years old and that up until she was 40, she was a struggling actress working part-time to make ends meet.

But the hard work that followed her late debut paid off, and she couldn’t hold back her emotions during her speech.

Many people around me tell me that I became known very late in my life, but I think that time was very much needed. I’m honored to have my name alongside talented hoobaes and receive this award.

– Lee Jung Eun

She also touched viewers by bursting into tears expressing her unfamiliarity with the attention.

This is my first time getting the spotlight… Thank you very much.

– Lee Jung Eun

Despite starting her career later in life, Lee Jung Eun has many projects under her belt along with multiple Bong Joon Ho films such as Mother, Okja, and Parasite.

Source: Insight