Lee Know’s Freestyle Dance Hyped Up Stray Kids To The Max And You’ll See Why

As expected of the main dancer.

During an interview with Young Hollywood, Stray Kids played a game where they had to choose which member fit each scenario.

They had to choose who was the best freestyle dancer. The answer was an easy choice for the majority of the group: Lee Know.

In celebration of his win, Lee Know showed a bit of his skills by “hitting the woah.” He was more than impressed with himself, but he wasn’t the only one.

The rest of Stray Kids gave him a round of applause while imitating his move with the brightest smiles. Seungmin burst into laughter, Hyunjin had to hide his face, and I.N‘s smile was the biggest. Bang Chan could only say, “Sweet,” afterward.

Lee Know showed why he was chosen as the best, and he delivered based on Stray Kids’ enthusiastic reactions. Check out the main dancer’s skills here if you need an extra boost of energy.

Stray Kids