Lee Kwang Soo’s Sweet Gesture For Song Ji Hyo Reveals His True Personality

Lee Kwang Soo’s small but sweet gestures over the last 7 years of Running Man show that Song Ji Hyo is the person he cherishes the most. Reminisce about these affectionate moments between the two over the years!

1. When Kwang Soo covered Ji Hyo with a towel after she was drenched in water so she wouldn’t get cold.

2. When Kwang Soo lifted up Jihyo’s huge helmet, so that she could see.

3. That time when Kwang Soo noticed Ji Hyo had no energy, so he brought her a snack.

4. Spotted again covering Ji Hyo with a towel (again!), to make sure her underwear doesn’t show through her wet shorts.

5. Then  Kwang Soo held her hand to help her climb down the slippery and dangerous platform.

6. Those times he pulled out a chair for her and even gave up his own seat for her.

7. Ever spotted Kwang Soo simply looking at her with worried eyes? After she fell into the water, tried to do a chin-up, or even when she was simply walking up the stairs in heels – he just likes to make sure Ji Hyo is okay.

8. And of course, remember when the ever-competitive Kwang Soo gave up the game to help Ji Hyo?

9. Notice Kwang Soo was the first to run to Ji Hyo when she saw a bug, because he knows she’s really scared of bugs.

10. When Ji Hyo inhaled pool water and Kwang Soo patted her back after.

11. And course, when he just wanted to help her wipe the spill but his hands didn’t know where to go.

Although they always bicker in front of the camera, it’s clear to see they cherish their deep friendship!

Source: Insight