Lee Min Ho Confesses Why He’s Glad He Enlisted In The Army At Such A Late Age

With news of Lee Min Ho enlisting soon, he opened up about how glad he was for not joining the army at a younger age due to the popularity he received.

Lee Min Ho recently held an interview with star1 where they brought up the topic of his enlistment. His agency recently revealed that he would be starting his military service as a social service worker in Gangnam on May 12.

When asked how he felt about going to the army soon, Lee Min Ho revealed how glad he was to have enlisted now than when he was younger. When he was beginning his career, he found immense success after starring in the hit drama Boys Over Flowers. This drama was and still is one of the most popular shows that contributed to the Korean Hallyu Wave.

Lee Min Ho is glad to have been part of the show and to have helped to spread Korean culture all around the world. If he enlisted earlier, he would have missed a shot at being part of the drama. Thankfully, he waited until later for his enlistment.

Source: sportschosun