Lee Min Jung Savagely Jokes About The Flowers On Son Ye Jin’s Head

Only Lee Min Jung.

Son Ye Jin took to her Instagram to post a photo of herself in a pictorial shoot that was captioned, “Spring”.

| @yejinhand/Instagram

One of the main aspects that could be noticed about the photo was the decorative flowers in Son Ye Jin’s hair.

| @yejinhand/Instagram

And as many fans expressed, Son Ye Jin looked divine.

But while many simply fawned over her visuals, actress Lee Min Jung decided to troll her hard.

She made a remark about the flowers on Son Ye Jin’s head in the comments, but it was absolute hilarity.

Your head needs repotting.

— Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung is famous online for being a savage commenter who was “banned” from commenting on her own husband, Lee Byung Hun‘s account.

| @216jung/Instagram

Although fans are loving the comical interaction between close friends, Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Jung, they’re no wondering if Lee Min Jung will be “banned” from commenting on another account as well.

| @216jung/Instagram

This just goes to prove how close friends the two of them are.

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