Lee Min Ho’s Fans Turned His Room Into A Garden For His 33rd Birthday

Congratulations to the stunning actor!

On the 22nd of June, the actor spent his 33rd (international age) birthday quietly but happily it seems, as he uploaded a post to his Instagram thanking everyone who had wished him on the day. Lee Min Ho posted a set of photographs displaying all the gifts he had received from fans with the caption, “Thank you to everyone who made an unremarkable day into something special”.

What amazed many was the sheer amount of gifts he had received, including multitudes of bouquets and flower baskets. Amongst them, a few cakes and dolls can also be seen. The actor even uploaded a photo of him with the candles lit up on one of them, making a wish.

As a globally popular actor that has been leading the Hallyu Wave ever since his iconic role in “Boys Over Flowers“, the gifts Lee Min Ho received should not come as a surprise. However, many comments in an article posted by NATE regarding his post came in to criticize the actor for accepting such gifts, including “I bet the luxury items will be given to his girlfriend” and that “the trend for famous actors and singers are to reject gifts but only accept handwritten letters. As an actor of his level, should he still be accepting gifts?”

However, a comment also pointed out that Lee Min Ho only accepts gifts that are of lower price value such as flowers and dolls, rather than expensive luxury items! Regardless, gifts are a representation of love and support from fans and we congratulate him on his 33rd birthday!

Source: NATE