Lee Seung Gi’s Dog Ate His AirPods, but He Wasn’t That Sad About It

The AirPod is completely destroyed.

Lee Seung Gi just shared a sad but funny story about how his dog, Perro ate one of his AirPods.

On his Instagram story, Lee Seung Gi posted a photo of one AirPod and captioned it, “Where is the…?

He then posted another photo of the other one, and it was completely destroyed, to say the least.

Seeing from his caption, “So lovely, Perro“, Lee Seung Gi was pretty forgiving about it and even expressed his mood with a bunch of smiley faces.

In response to this post, many fans left comments such as “My dog ate mine, too“, “You have no choice but to buy the new AirPods now“, and “The dog’s so cute even when it makes a mistake“.

Let’s face it. How can anyone say no to this face?



Source: Dispatch

Lee Seung Gi