Lee Seung Gi Reveals How Exactly Many Female Celebrities Have Confessed Their Love To Him

As one of the most popular singer/actors in K-Pop here’s how many women have made a move on Lee Seung Gi.

Actor Lee Seung Gi is handsome, famous, talented, charismatic and also funny. So why haven’t any female celebrities confessed their love to him?

In an interview with fn Star, Lee expressed his own bewilderment at never having been approached by a female celebrity before.

I’ve never been asked out by a female celebrity. Nobody has ever told me that they have any interest in me, so how is it that other celebrities seem to get that all the time? I hear stories about others getting that reaction, so why can’t I?

— Lee Seung Gi

He joked around, wondering what exactly the reason could be.

Maybe I seem unapproachable? Should I change something up? Should walk around with my phone number plastered on my chest?

If I do develop feelings for somebody and fall in love, that would be fine. But for now, I’m focused on work. That’s not to say I’m against dating and that I only care about work, but that’s just where I’m putting my focus these days.

— Lee Seung Gi

We don’t know why you’re not getting any confessions either!

Lee Seung Gi