Where Lee Seung Gi’s Wife Lee Da In Got The Giant Tiara She Wore In Their Wedding Ceremony

Not just anyone can buy it.

Early this month, actor Lee Seung Gi and actress Lee Da In got married in an extravagant ceremony. Many pictures from the big day were uploaded by those invited, including a large number of A-list celebrities.

Lee Da In (left) and Lee Seung Gi (right) | @byhumanmade/Instagram

From the decor to the outfits, it was clear that the couple spared no expense.

| @byhumanmade/Instagram

Although it’s a given that the bride’s wedding gowns garnered a lot of attention…

…it was also her dazzling tiara that people were drawn to.

The question is, where did she source such a crown?

| @byhumanmade/Instagram

In a recent post, Lee Da In revealed that it was given to her by a “Joon Kim oppa.” And the reason why it’s so special is because it was customized especially for her from a shop in Los Angeles, USA. It isn’t a piece that just anyone can buy!

The Alice actress went on to thank a “Yumi unnie” for her bouquet, thanking the both of them and promising to cherish the gifts for the rest of her life.

Special thanks to Joon Kim oppa for gifting me this customized tiara all the way from LA. And to Yumi unnie for making me such a beautiful bouquet. Thank you so much.  I’m going to treasure these forever.

— Lee Da In

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