Lee Si Eon Gets Cussed out for “Only Donating ~$830 USD” to the Coronavirus Cause

Netizens think he donated too little.

Actor Lee Si Eon recently shared a screenshot of proof that he donated 1 million won (~$830 USD) to a non-profit organization (Hope Bridge) in order to help the coronavirus cause, but he was hit with unexpected criticism for how much he donated.

Despite the heartwarming news that Lee Si Eon made a donation to help the cause, some netizens cussed him out questioning why he didn’t donate more.

Ahead of this criticism, there was numerous news of other Korean celebrities making donations of 10 million won (~$8300 USD) and even 100 million won (~$83,000 USD) to fight the coronavirus.

For that reason, many netizens have been criticizing Lee Si Eon, but other fans came to his defense claiming donating any money at all should be praised.

Some netizens might be hating, but many fans strongly believe that it’s not about the amount of money, but that heart that goes into it.

Soon after the controversy, Lee Si Eon deleted his post announcing the donation.

Source: Insight